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good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> there is fear in san jose's immigrant community they're angry with the city's police chief for bringing in two immigration agents to help his department fight gangs. the critics fear the agents will target violent criminals and might also target illegal immigrants. we bring in nbc bay area's damian trujillo who joins us from the sacred heart community center where the chief will have a townhall meeting. you know this isn't a story about tonight, but mistrust between the community and the community for the last several years. >> the chief has a hard sell. he arrived here in the facility. the meeting abut to start any moment now. the chief says he is not, after people who, other than coming here illegally, are law-abiding. he brought in i.c.e. to get the violent criminals. but seems he is going to have a
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hard time convincing this crowd. this image terrifies communities across the country, believing that they will happen in san jose randomly. this woman doesn't want to us reveal her identity because she is undocumented. so we'll call her jeanette. she says she has been fearful of police but now more than ever. >> folks are not coming forward to report crime. they're living in fear. >> the chief brought in two immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. agents to work with his officers in a resting violent gang members, men who are often undocumented. >> there has never been a secret. we have a gang issue in san jose. >> chief will watch the two agents closely to make sure they're only going after violent gang members. >> we're not interested in the status of law-abiding citizens. we're not. we are interested in people causing grief.
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>> jeanette says she is not buying it. >> do you believe him? >> not. >> you don't believe him? >> never. >> i.c.e. tells nbc bay area, it has agents in santa cruz and monterey county and it helped lower crimes caused by undocumented criminals. >> the reality of the folks live on the ground is that they're in fear. they do not trust that, that these agents are going to just investigate gang members. >> absolute leap nothing to worry about. >> the chief isn't convincing jeanette. the san jose mother says now if she ever witness is a crime the last thing she will do is dial 911. >> the chief also wants to be clear, if the undocumented immigrant is also a violent criminal he doesn't care what confree untry he came from. he will allow officers and ice agents to put the handcuffs on him. we're lf ive in san jose. new at 6:00, 17-year-old east palo verde teen.
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he is being charged as an adult in the case. he shot 15 rounds into a car with a baby inside. all happening june 5th. one of the bullets struck 3-month-old isaac jesus garcia in the head killing him. prosecutors say he had been beaten by a gang, members, a week earlier. and that he mistook the family's car as one belonging to the rival gang. if convicted, he could face life in prison without parole. high crime numbers in san francisco's troubled tenderloin neighborhood, has community leaders scrambling to clean up city streets. the crime rate on the first block is 17 times hyperthan the rest of the city. that its according to a new study. statistics at director of the tenderloin housing clinic says should be unacceptable to city leaders. >> we can't get people to move in and fill in vacant storefronts unless the area is no longer allowed to continue as an open air drug supermarket.
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>> original joe's restaurant owner, joe dugan says small business and nonprofits need to believe in the area and people need to have the guts to open businesses in the tenderloin if they want to seep it change. >> parents now have another tool to make a difference in their child's education. today, the state board of education, unanimously approved a series of regulations that govern the parent trigger law. it allows parents whose children attend a low performing school, an opportunity to take over and demand certain changes at the school. parents can use the trigger law to change things such as school faculty, lunches and curriculum. today's action its not the final word. proposed regulations will be put out for public comment for 15 days and cupped ould be challen. giants fan, brian stow is linked to the dodgers bankrupt seep case. the team does not owe the stow family any money right now, but it could in the near future. the stow family is suing the dodgers over the stadium parking lot beating on march 31st in
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which the santa cruz pair medic was critically injured. he remains in intensive care. it listed the team's top 40 unsecured creditors in accordance to bankrupt seep law. majority of those on the list are current and former ballplayers to whom the team owes money. the man arrested at sfo after allege lead refusing to pull up his pants boarding a plane will not face criminal charges. that decision announced by the san mateo county district attorney who first spoke to today in the bay this morning. >> reporter: donna doyle has spent the past month waiting for the phone call she received from her lawyer late last night. no criminal charges will be filed against her 20-year-old son. a student at the university of new mexico. >> just like, jumping, screaming, thank god, mom, we did it.
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>> marmon's refusal to pull up his sagging pants when boarding a u.s. airways flight at sfo bound for albuquerque june 15th landed him in handcuffs and in the headlines. just yesterday, more than 100 people including doyle, rallied at san francisco city hall to show their support for the football player. >> he -- pulled them up when he got to his seat. >> marmon arrested on sus pegs of a battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and trespassing. >> both sides could have relaxed treated it differently. >> today, san mateo county district attorney, steve wagstaff announced his office decision not to pursue criminal charges saying he didn't want to clog up the criminal courts with a minor misdemeanor case. >> our conclusion was after reviewing the facts of this incident this was a case that we
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don't think belongs in the courtroom. we think a jury would tell us that if we did take it in the courtroom. >> all along, u.s. airways says it does not have a dress code, but expects passengers to dress in an appropriate manner that doesn't offend passengers. today the airline reap lease aid statement saying in part, we welcome the d.a.s decision today and hope it will e help mr. marman and his family move past this incident. doyle still wants a written and verbal apology from u.s. airways as she is convince herd son was singled out because he is black. this despite the fact that the two flight attendants who initially dealt with marman are black. >> that doesn't say anything. we have african-american people that are not comfortable in their own skin. >> in the meantime, doyle and her son plan to move on from the experience that may inspire marman to wear a belt. >> when he does fly will he wear his pajama pants? >> of course not. in san francisco. bay area news.
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>> tonight, a wealthy san francisco woman is denying charges that she is the ringleader in a scheme to illegally export paint to pakistan. that paint is allegedly used in construction of a pakistan nuclear plant. many experts fear that plant will produce plutonium. 51-year-old was arrested at an atlanta airport last month. the uc-santa cruz grad charged with violating u.s. export laws and conspiracy in connection with the paint purchase by the chip ease government. the felony charges, carry a maximum penalty of 65 years in prison and $1 million in fines. he loved to fish and loved the 49ers. friends and family gathered in san francisco today to remember, one of the victims of last woke's boating accident in mexico. this follows the news that the coast guard is calling off the search for survivors of the accident. nbc bay area's reporter shows us how loved ones are remembering the only official casualty. >> reporter: it was a scene, leslie ye wouldn't have cared
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for much. friends and family gathering at a san francisco church to talk about his life. >> my gnats doesn't like publicity, humble. he wouldn't like this big commotion about him. >> there was plenty to say. ye died last week after the fishing boat erik cap sized with 43 on board in the sea of cortez. seven remain missing. three from the bay area. ye, a confirmed casualty. >> he was a workaholic. he wasn't sure. we said this is a the trip of a lifetime. you need to go you will be with your friend. >> outside the memorial service, bruce talked about visiting the site of his father's death in mexico and talking with one of the fishermen who was with his father as they escaped the sinking boat. >> it was helpful for him to tell the story of how my father lasted 15 hours on a cooler. >> that fisherman. mike ying told the son, he succumbed to exhaustion beef help arrived.
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>> he was a strong man. dedicated to his family. we gave it our all. so, unfortunate, that i have to be here for his funeral. >> while there was some closure for ye's family. other families await word of their loved one's fate. the family attended ye's memorial. yesterday the coast guard told families it was calling off the search. friends of the men are upset with the decision. >> they're good men. i know that les would have wanted that in spite of everything else. he would have wanted them to, find a way to bring these guys home for the families to at least have closure. >> bruce yee said his father retired him two years ago leaving him free to focus on passions, family, 49ers and fishing. >> really what was imporntanimp. he lived well. and died doing what he loved best. >> so sad for those families. well, still ahead at 6:00. a fight over a dog park in the bay area.
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>> also ahead, it can hold contents of a wal-mart. someday could be a flying hotel. do you believe it? the project drawing an interest from the military what it will be used for. >> should you lose custody of your child, just because he is extremely obese? that's a plan that a harvard pediatric expert is proposing. coming up, we'll take a closer look at the controversial idea. >> plus, feeling the heat. how many netflix customers may drop the service because of its new pricing plan. >> good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, little sunshine. see there on the sky camera network. san francisco today. overall, it was pretty cool here across the bay area. especially in the east and south bay. which is 74, san jose. details on this, on this wild weather. and an extreme 2011 in a special report in minutes. i
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mail delivery has resumed in a neighborhood after it was stopped for several days because of a chihuahua. mail to vervais was halted because the postal carrier was scared of the little dog, near height springs road off 80. the dog belongs to a female, who lives there, who also happens to have a pit bull. the carrier says the chihuahua was released when he walked to the house. the mailman was upset and sent letters, and would not deliver mail until the dog was secured. the dog's owner promised she will keep the chihuahua away front mail carrier. >> letters to the family that probably didn't get there. >> probably true. >> how does one of the most loved companies become a villain overnight. it had a chihuahua, no, not really. business and tech reporter scott budman is here to tell us, this case, not a chi wa war, but
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money. >> mail has something to do with this. maybe not mailing things. a lesson, in popularity and economics. happening in our backyard. silicone valley dot com giant, netflix said it will raise the price subscribers. today you would think it had taken all our puppies away. polls, showing how many people will drop netflix or how many will flee to come pelt tors. meanwhile because netflix stands to make more money, the company stock price jumped. wall street it turns out likes the move. the nation's economy is sluggish, but the government won't leave it to fend for itself just yet. federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke telling congress today the central bank is prepared to provide money if the slowdown continues. now his reassurances helped drive stock prices higher today but not much hyper, bernanke says the money will flow only if the economy gets much worse. either scenario, tough for
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investors to get all that fired up about. something for music fans, a european music streaming service says it is set to launch in the u.s. tomorrow. raj, subscription service. free with advertising. somewhere around $10 a month if you want premium plan. >> i want the premium plan. >> $10. >> thank you. >> little more if you get netflix. derailed for now. plans have temporarily been derailed for the california high speed rail project. $6.1 billion between san francisco and san jose is now being rethought. caltrans conducting a study to decide if it is possible to use two tracks instead of four tracks. the idea of two tracks could save the bullet train project more than $4 billion. that savings would be a welcome one at a time when 30% of funding has been gathered. coming to a city near you, would you believe wal-mart the grocery
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store. rumors are swirling. communities of pleasantton, and heyward, wal-mart is planning on owning a stand-alone grocery store in both cities. the retail giant declined comment on the rumors saying there was nothing to announce at this time. this is not a new venture. wal-mart operates 183 neighborhood markets across the country. but none so far in california. we had a bipolar june, cold, some times hot, now a downright chilly july. mother nature can't seem to make up her mind these days. so are we seeing a new weather pattern, climate change, or just a hiccup in summer sizzle? bay area's reporter, reports on the unusual weather and its effect on those heading outside. >> reporter: tonya keeps an eye on her consider. usually this time of year she pushes water and shade to keep the kids hydrated. >> we dress in layers, peel them
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off. not today. it is too cold. >> after weeks with scorching temperatures, summer feels like fall. doesn't bode well for tomorrow's plans. >> we have a field trip scheduled for tomorrow at a water play park. when i scheduled it it was 90 degrees, no problem now. wondering if we should do it. because it is so cold. >> what gives? are we seeing the blip on the weather pattern or something bigger? turns out a little of both. >> it's manly due to marine layer wind when the layer pushes in and how deep the marine layer is. the deeper the marine layer the longer it takes to burn off. therefore, probably cooler temperatures you are going to have throughout the bay area. >> if you look at the weather over the last cup years or so, the answer gets ominous. >> weather e wents vents we are year and a half are probably result of climate change. >> this man is fine without the climate change.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> when it's cold he makes less and has to work more hours. for the kids. cooler is better. >> warm is fine. i don't like hot. hot will make me sweat like a pig. >> yeah. >> chilling in san jose, nbc bay area news. first we had june-uary, beginning of the year, never stopped raining. bizarre. >> interesting. scientifically, jess, bring in jeff ranieri, a lot of things going on. not just bay area, bought cross the country. >> la nina pattern, short term changes over the past six months. our 20011, so extreme on so many fronts. remember the low sea level snow. yes, that happened back in february. we were tracking some very rare and record setting snowflakes across san francisco, santa rosa, napa, gilroy, seven reports of tornados in northern california. and then of course we did have
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the hailstorm covering interstate 280. we had it out on 280, middle of the hailstorm. always get more on this. search california tornados. even hailstorm. on i hatch pove posted the stories. find more on that. take a look back at this year in weather. most recently it was cool out here today. look at this walnut creek. 67. we should be in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. nope, not quite. not today. not yet. we did have some warmer weather down here in the south bay. 78. and 77, los gatos. for bayside communities. still 15 degrees. off the mark. we had sunshine earlier. showed you on the san francisco sky camera. now the clouds have moved in. and -- well, we kcurrently. it takes a moment. sunshine has left us. from oakland, a lot of haze. 62 degrees. wind westerly at 20.
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air quality suffering a little bit too. with this fog capping off pollutants. something else. suffer from allergies. take note of. 59, san mateo. 55, 56, concord. cold night tonight with the strong on-shore flow. more 70s expected as we head into tomorrow's forecast. as that jet stream takes an unusual dip well to the south. so let's get you started on your thursday morning. we'll start off with 52, san jose, 53, livermore. and by 11:00 a.m. still cool. we are looking at a warmer day tomorrow. we'll talk about when the 90s are coming our way. i know it is making both of you happy. you are smiling now. >> can you see us through the teleprompter. >> we are always smiling at you, jeff. >> see you in a couple minutes. inspiring girls across the bay area -- the women's national soccer team is one win away from winning the world cup. a classic match this morning.
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and the next generation of players is certainly taking note. >> also, ahead tonight, california, a first in its history. the promising new report on smoking. >> and the government's credit rating is now under review. whatt means for your bank account. we're back in a moment. bbq pulled pork sub. of a ® tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. brace yourself for the big, bold taste tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. be aware rates for mortgages and car loans could soon be increasing. that's because tonight, moody's investors service is threatening to lower the united states credit rating. moodies says there is a risk the government will default on its debt. it put the aaa bond rating of the united states government on review for a possible downgrade. this also means financial institutions linked to the u.s. government could soon be downgraded as well. >> part of one very big political hot potato. negotiations continuing in washington, d.c., at this point, no sign of a compromise between democrats and republicans. >> in fact, late tonight, associated press reporting, president obama stepped out of
6:25 pm
negotiations after two hours and said enough is enough. with all that said we bring in our nbc political analyst, dr. larry gersten. in terms of layman's purposes what's happening, everything in washington what is the effect in california. >> we are flirting with disaster. like to put it another way. disaster looming close. just next month in august, the united states government is set to make 80 million payments to citizens, governments. companies. social security, medicare, those are the big ones, food stamp recipients, federal workers, military personnel, contractors, list goes on and on. without raising that ceiling, the government is going to be short. in august, alone, the government is going to be short $192 billion. that is for california, california could lose $24 billion of that amount. in federal funding. a lot of dough. >> larry, how much of this is real hedging on their part.
6:26 pm
the republicans say they're willing to wait 18 months until the president is out of office. are they really going to keep social security checks from going out to people? >> talking hardball politics. no question about it. hard to know just when the shoe drops and how hard it drops. the real issue what it will cost to find out. greece, ireland, spain, italy. all the countries, see it all the time. are suffering various degrees from excessive debt and inability to reduce it. panic, riots have broken out. because the united states has shown restraint, held the world's confidence until now, nation's and institutions to whom we owe money they haven't pressed yet. we hope that out of this mess, something will happen. for those reasons we think it, is likely that something will be done by august 2nd. but, boy itch it dof it doesn't watch out. >> why not just kick the can down the road like previous
6:27 pm
administrations hatch done. why is president obama taking this head-on? >> wouldn't you look to. two answers, raj. political. republicans say all new savings must come from less spending and president obama says, well it can't just all come from less spending. let's take 3/4 from less spending. 1/4 from more revenues, code for the t word, taxes. taxes on the wealthy. taxes on corporations. taxes on foex folks that suppo republicans. the other reason it is not going over, public opinion polls just don't show the public thinking it is a problem. so you put the things together and there has been very little pressure on congress to fix a growing problem. and all of the while, the clock is ticking. >> sure its. august 2nd the big day. thank you. from our newsroom. >> well, still ahead here. billions of dollars spent on airport security. but an alarming new report has lawmakers wondering, if all the money has been worth it.
6:28 pm
>> standing up for labor rights. why more than 100 former employees of a supermarket chain in the bay area are filing a lawsuit. >> giving parents a choice, the change coming to kids men ups. >> fighting childhood obesity through foster care. the controversial proposal. we're back in two minutes.
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should parents lose custody of their extremely obese kids? the commentary in the journal of american medical association released to day says it is a move that should be considered. especially since some 2 million children in the u.s. are considered severely obese. marianne favro with the story. >> reporter: pediatricians and experts i talked to, said this is a plan designed to help may do more harm than good. >> you expect kids to grow taller, but kids in california are also growing wider.
6:31 pm
during the past 30 years, obesity rates in our state have tripled among children. how do we help them? in a commentary in the journal of american medical association, harvard pediatrics professor, dr. ludwig suggests putting extremly obese kids in foster care. those in the body mass index in 99th percentile. an 8-year-old, 50 inches tall who weighs 100 pounds. this pediatrician says it is an attempt to help that comes too late. >> by the time that we are thinking of taking them out of out of hot we missed the boat. when their body mass starts to increase we need to intervene then. it is a sad day when we have to intervene when their body max index is at 99th percentile. >> reporter: this clinical director helps place kids in foster homes. he says removing an obese child from their home could do more harm than good. >> the incidence of child
6:32 pm
removals, itself, is traumatic. it is -- it does set back treatment. the child has to deal with being -- being torn away from their family. and anxiety, depression. >> but he admits in rare cases, moving in with a foster family might help an obese child. but some question whether putting an extremely obese child into temporary foster care will give them the tools to succeed when he returns home. >> without helping those parents, establish healthy eating habits, i don't see this as a win-win solution for the child or family. >> social workers say, the foster care system is already overburdened and does not have the resources to accommodate this new group of foster kids. now there have already been a few cases where parents hatch lost custody of their obese child. including, single mother in south carolina, who lost custody of her 555 pound, 14-year-old son. but unless a child is in
6:33 pm
imminent danger, the state is not likely to intervene. >> this is not going away. restaurant industry facing pressure because of childhood obesity epidemic. big changes for some of the nation's biggest restaurant chains. 19 of them are spicing up their children's men use with healthier food. burger king, chili's, deny's among the 19. lining up a new program called kids live well. burgers and french fries. still on the menu, not disappearing. they will have competition. mcdonald's, noticeably absent. says it is committed to balanced menu options. new at 6:00. california's smoking rate is at an all-time low. the state's department of public health reports the adult smoking rate dropped from just more than 13% in 2009 to 11.9% last year. there was a similar drop in the teen smoking rate as well. the study also shows men still
6:34 pm
smoke more than women. california its one of two states in the country, to reach the federal goal of lowering the adult smoking rate to 12%. >> there is a dog fight under way in the east bay. oakland neighbors weighing in right now on the location of a controversial dog park. they're doing it at city commission meeting. dog lover support a new dog park. neighbors say the would ruin the beautiful entry to the point lake. so the park commission is looking into different locations. first astro park near lake shore and macarthur, alternate location tucked behind children any fairy land. the astro park location has some neighbors upset because they say it is like putting a dog run front and center of a beautiful park filled with barks and odors. both sides came out for today's city commission meeting. >> we think that it is great use for that very busy corner. there is so much traffic going across that corner every day. that they never have children playing there or soccer playing there, but it would be a great
6:35 pm
place to be able to play with your dog. >> opponents of the astro dog location say it is, has the a lot of people using that area and putting a dog park there is going to take up the space. the park commission is meeting. a decision yet to be made. in another testament to the unpredictable power of the ocean. a bay area man out for a day of fun with friends died while vacationing in hawaii. police say, 22-year-old, of sunnyvale died monday morning after being swept into the ocean in the puna area big island. climbing on a rocky cliff with friends in the hawaiian paradise park subdivision when a wave knocked him into the ocean and carried him 100 yards out to sea where his body was found. the second bay area man to die in hawaii in the past two days. on saturday, 44-year-old david potts died when a wave washed him into a blowhole at a point on maui. first there were layoffs now
6:36 pm
a lawsuit. former employees of mi pueblo market are willing to sue the market after they were let go. 20 former employees held a rally in san jose to announce their intention to file a lawsuit. what do they want? their overtime pay. pay for missed meal breaks. mi pueblo laid off 150 in january because of the economic downturn. the family owned grocery store says employees are treated fairly. and says the threat of a lawsuit stems from the fact that the stores are not unionized. >> some 60 million people travel in and out of bay area airports every year. today those responsible for making sure that they are safe came under fire at capitol hill. despite billions being spent on security. critics in congress charge the nation's airports are vulnerable to terror attacks. homeland security department presented a report, showing 25,000 security breaches since
6:37 pm
9/11. reminding the committee a terrorist needs to slip through security once to cause serious damage. the report estimates 6,000 travelers made it past government screeners without the proper scrutiny. still ahead at 6:00. imagine staying in a flying hotel. is this for real? it soon could become a reality. we will show you the sky-high plan. coming up, how women's national soccer team is inspiring girls here in the bay area. >> good evening, i am chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. so much fog over the past sttwo days. berkeley hills, .11. castro valley, .04. danville, .01. cooler than average. san jose. 74. talk more about the fog. when it will get out of here. 80s when they return. coming up.
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. san francisco celebrating the opening of a pedestrian park in the heart of downtown. the mayor was there for the unveiling of the promenade, made
6:40 pm
up of eight walking platforms along the famed powell street cable car line, between ellis and geary. planters, tables, rails, and bike parking meant to be long lasting and reusable. the big match this morning was in germany. take a look here. viewing party in san francisco. at the civic center. dozens of soccer fans, fired up, braved the wind and the fog this morning to watch team usa in the world cup semifinals. the americans, just in case you haven't heard, beat france, 3-1. that means team usa advances to the championship match. world cup final against japan. the match will be shown at the civic center. the big game is sunday at 11:00 a.m. >> saw what happened when brandy showed off her bra the last time. >> 1999. >> it was big and changed soccer. since then the success of usa soccer's team hasn't garnered as much attention as the main moment in 1999 at the rose bowl.
6:41 pm
>> man now it will be rekindling of the sport. we caught up with the young girls practicing and watching with big hopes in mind. >> taking the corner kick! excitement in germany is felt here at home, in san jose, there is a few extra feet kicking balls around the field. because women's soccer is back in the spotlight getting the exposure it hasn't seen in years. young girls watching it, taking notice and envisioning themselves there some day as well. >> just, i can just imagine myself playing there. seeing every single person, cheering on my team and me. >> come from behind wins, spark captivating moments. fans saying the sport need now more than ever. leads to an interest in the sport. more girls molt vtivated to pla. i look up to the 99 team.
6:42 pm
and the girls have, their inspirations on there: >> each world cup win means a boost in young girl's confidence to the point where they went be held back not even by the boys. >> i think guys will realize, girls will always win, no matter what. >> with the u.s. women now with a chance to be crowned quivenz t -- queens of the soccer world. a few more eyes on them and feet hopefully to follow behind. >> one of my goals when i am a teenager. i want to play soccer, yeah. very nice. we were saying after 1999, the big explosion. >> huge boom in soccer. >> then little dip. now it's back again. >> this will be a huge resurgence for sport. the girls love. leagues in suburbia and everywhere is amazing. the girls are excited. girls today, brandy chataine and mia hamm.
6:43 pm
>> were your girls watching this morning? >> i walked into the gym. did they win? did they win? what is going on. all over the place. we have the fog all over the place. we'll detail when this will move out, 80s, 90s. move back in. coming up. >> and coming up in sports. giants get geared up for the second half of the season as you just heard. team usa advanced to the finals. we h ld c semifinals, details coming up. >> usa! fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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imagine touring the country from as high as the eiffel tower or imagine a floating hotel. >> your hotels you like five-star hotels. all you stay in. >> ha-ha. >> and it is being built now. an air ship. one could be a reality. jane wells has the details. >> what if the military could bring in more equipment than ever to remote battle fields? or wal-mart get tons of goods from china without using ships and trucks? or what if you could tour the country from the height of the eiffel tower? >> what we are trying to achieve it's almost like -- going back to -- another time. >> he is ceo of aeros craft, developing a new type of air ship. the first one, a football field
6:46 pm
long built in an old hangar on a form marry reason base. >> nobody has done this before. >> most air ships, have problems they need ballast, if you offload you better replace the weight. they have fabric skins. >> the aeros craft doesn't need ballast while filled with helium it is controlled by engines with jet fuel. it has the a rigid skin made out of composite, and can do vertical takeoff and landings. >> also capable of going, much greater -- greater range. and hyperpayload than a helicopter. >> for commercial purposes, the hope is that something like this could carry tons of construction materials to remote locations where there is no infrastructure, not even a runway. for $40 million apiece, who is interested? the military and construction companies. the aeros craft should be able to carry 60 tons of equipment to places without roads.
6:47 pm
>> you can build factory in africa. >> but as a tourism vehicle won't a floating hotel face an image problem? namely memories of the hindenberg. >> he doesn't think any one will care. if you turn to anyone and you have an opportunity right now. >> well i think it would depend on the weather, whether i am going in the giant blimp or not, jeff. >> yes, always depends on the weather. yes. >> if it is a four seasons flying, then jeff is going to go on it. >> you do like the better things in life, right. >> don't we all. >> 62. we have the low cloud here right across portions of the east bay. while we did have the clouds in san francisco, oakland. amanda kim saying the sun is out in san jose. is it time to warm up this weekend? well we will get warmer numbers
6:48 pm
in here, amanda. not quite yet. we have to wait in the seven-day forecast. the sun was out in the south bay. not only where amanda was. also down here, los gatos. 77. and the almaden valley. 78. 68, san rafael. 78 in sanda rosa. still cool here throughout the south and east bay. as the numbers really -- aren't getting any help with the fog here. past, three, four days. well below average. and tomorrow, it will still stay below average. with more areas of fog. drizzle to start off with. then in the seven-day forecast. we will slowly turn things up for the weekend. then put real heat on it. as we head into next week. here is the visible satellite loop. we pull the tool out. we want to take a close look at the fog. you can see the fog is eroding here. it has the across most of the coastline. but an easy time building back in tonight. just the onshore winds. really, pretty relentless. and it will keep the fog going. we head throughout the next 48
6:49 pm
hours. thursday, friday. looking at fog and also temperatures in the 70s, inland, while a little warming in here. friday. not going to see some hot weather until we head into next week's forecast. so here is a look. tonight. marine layer builds up to 1,500. 2,000 feet. by tomorrow morning. this will mean more possible delays at sfo. oakland, drizzle here. for those traveling across the peninsula. maybe into san francisco. south into san jose. then by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. the sun comes back out. another very nice afternoon. with temperatures -- below average. and another cold night too. upper 40s and low 50s. let's get your detailed numbers for tomorrow. 72 in santa cruz. heading to coastline. slow burn off of the fog. start off with low clouds over there. by the afternoon. sunny skies, coming your way. for the peninsula. upper 60s, low 70s. 74 in concord. 74 in fairfield. 73 in -- napa. a week again out, playing
6:50 pm
ping-pong. just thought about that. wild. 74 in santa rosa. more on cable and seven day forecast. turn up the heat. warm things up. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures close to 90 degrees. those folks at stanford, really, really nice. >> still can't get over the table tennis match. >> you weren't really playing. >> i tried. >> you got schooled. >> i said don't play again. told me don't play again. >> let's get to sports. let's bring in mindy bach from the newsroom. mindy and i are neighbors on the peninsula. >> mindy's sister and i used to be neighbors. >> one big family. >> happy. >> used to work with jessica. nice to be joined with everyone again. i am ready for hot weather. tell jeff, bring the hot weather. more baseball is coming. all-star break, three days long. giants had two-plus days of
6:51 pm
rest. manager is holding a light practice in san diego tonight. scheduled to start in 15 minutes. and five giants didn't get any time off as they attended midsummer classic. only sandoval and wilson got into the game. no one is complaining. all-stars readto start the second half of the season. and extend their lead in the season. >> want to keep doing the things we're doing. winning games. that's what we need to do. play relaxed, you know. play hard. and this is one of the -- going to help. >> for me. i'm not really going to try to change too much. been having pretty good success with the approach that i have had right now. so -- i'm just going to try to stick with that. game to game. pitch to pitatch. and just try to keep this role going. as long as i can. >> don't forget. game two of the four-game series between the giants and padres will be right here on nbc bay area. friday night at 7:00. nfl players and owners continue to negotiate a labor agreement
6:52 pm
with the latest round of talks taking place in a manhattan law office. the talks are said to be in a critical phase. training camps scheduled to start at the end of the month. in their first public statement as a group, the patriots tom brady, colts peyton manning, and saints drew brees said we believe the overall proposal made by the players is fair for both sides and time to get the deal done. this is the time of year we as players turn our attention to the game. we hope the owners feel the same way. league spokesman issued a response on twitter, saying the owners are working hard every day to complete a deal as soon as possible. now, to the world cup semifinals. team usa/france. goaltender hope solo. within of the difference makers in sun day's win over brazil. the u.s. strikes early. heather o'reilly sends a ball in. laura cheney, redirects, back of the net. take a look. o'reilly low on the cross. cheney has perfect timing. usa takes a 1-0 lead into the
6:53 pm
half. friend. on the attack. and the cross. and hope solo looking for the redirect. never comes. the ball just tucks inside the far post. game tied at one. but in the 79th minute. amy wambach. and the 5'11" frame. near post. header over the french goalkeeper. team usa goes on to win. 3-1. they're headed to the world cup finals. >> our team has this ability to -- fight through adversity. our team has this ability to stick together. when the going gets rough. and i couldn't be more excited. more proud. i know we have a lot of friend and family here. and i now we have a lot of friends and family back home that are watching. >> well, usa, face sweden or japan sunday. japan is upset in mind. in the 19th minute. with a cross. and right there. there with the equalizer.
6:54 pm
this game is tide at 1. japan on the attack again. and this time. send in the loose ball. and head it in. japan goes on to win, 3-1. and the as get xan tra day of rest during this all-star break. they beef gin the second half of their season friday. they host the angels for a three-game set. tell jeff get the warm weather going for the weekend. i'm ready. >> thank you, mindy. see you've around the block. full half-hour of bay area sports coverage. tonight with windy at 10. 30. . >> back in a moment. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. two bay area dentists made a house call to the san francisco zoo this week. open wide. the patients name is o.j., a 30-year-old male gorilla weighing 800 pounds. dentists stepped up to the plate though they're not used to working on big animals. dentists work foed for three ho and fixed an abscess tooth. >> are we supposed to talk about the 800 pound gorilla in the room. >> take it away. >> tonight, we will talk about several things, pretty cool out there. talk about new technology, retinal scans that may solve all tsa issues we have been talking about. going to hear from the so-called fourth hiker who knows the cal grad imprisoned in iran. >> see you at 7:00 and 11:00.
6:58 pm
>> bye-bye.
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